I’ve binge watched The Office nine times, I can do a pretty solid impression of Linda from Bob’s Burgers, and I’m obsessed with fluffy corgi butts. Hello everyone, I’m Danielle.

I believe photography should be fun and I want that to come across in my photos. Whether it’s an engagement session, wedding, maternity shoot, or just a fun portrait session– I want my people to have a blast, love their photos, and remember that awesome moment in time. With my work, I want to capture a genuine moment and emotion, so get ready for some awkward faces and impressions coming your way to make you [hopefully, fingers crossed] laugh.

My style is fun, natural, and vibrant. I want us to have an awesome time during our time together, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful, and you best believe your photos will be infused with color and lots and lots of beautiful light.

That’s all I got! If you want to check out my resumé, click here, and if you want to read cool things people have said about me, click here. Let’s meet up. Tell me your vision and your hopes and dreams and let’s be best friends.

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